What do we do?

Adventure UK is the overarching body for the Option 3 Working Group
(O3WG) and the Adventure Activity Industry Advisory Committee (AAIAC).

The O3WG is a sub-group established by Adventure UK to develop a proposal for a new scheme to replace Adventure Activities Licensing as a result of output from a consultation by Health and Safety Executive in 2017.

The aim of this scheme is to establish a UK wide provider-centric sustainable adventure activities accreditation scheme where the management, operating systems and personnel are appropriate to the scale and nature of adventurous provision and its intended target population and at a cost that relates to real world prices.
The scheme aims to give reassurances that ‘good practice’ is being followed by
those providers who are accredited.

AAIAC is currently the awarding body for Adventuremark and for the adventurous activities area of the Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badge (QB). Its role within the ‘new’ scheme will be as its Advisory Body. To find out more about AAIAC and its work here